An overhaul of the Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee (COBCCC) website makes important information more accessible and helps consumers better understand customer owned banking institutions’ obligations to the Code.

The improved website at features key information more prominently, raising awareness for consumers about their protections enshrined in the Code.

Consumers will be able to find information they need to understand a customer owned banking institution’s obligations and how those obligations apply in their dealings with a bank. This will help the consumer relationship with customer owned banking institutions.

Not only will the updated website benefit consumers, but it will also help Code subscribers find the guidance they need to meet obligations and, ultimately, customer expectations.

Providing the extensive guidance in a user-friendly way means customer owned banking institutions will easily find the details they need to ensure their processes and systems are working towards good outcomes.

Offering a better user experience on the website is an exciting development for the COBCCC as it works to lift standards and promote good practice and behaviour throughout the industry.

The benefits will extend to the COBCCC’s range of stakeholders, including industry associations, government agencies, the media, and consumer advocates such as community lawyers and financial counsellors.